Longevity, experience, expertise and loyal customers are the defining features of Keevily Spero Whitelaw Insurance Services.
We are among a short list of exemplary professional insurance brokerages in the greater New York area.

From the heart of Westchester and New York City, serving New York employers from Buffalo to Riverhead, Brooklyn to Plattsburgh and every county in between.

For 90 years, State Insurance Fund Safety Groups have delivered value and savings through upfront premium discounts and group dividends.

When it comes to Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Keevily’s Safety Groups have withstood the test of time.  Our Safety Groups continue to deliver consistent value and savings through substantial upfront discounts, a benefit through shared group dividends and an extensive array of customer services.  

By managing and servicing Safety Group programs, Keevily has helped thousands of companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars across four specialty industry areas: