Prescription Benefits for NYSIF Workers’ Compensation Claims

NYSIF’s pharmacy benefits management program offers the option for a claimant to obtain medication for a work-related injury or illness through the CareComp Network of CVS Caremark. This does not change a injured worker’s right to use any pharmacy to obtain medication necessary to treat such an injury or illness.
Use the CVS Caremark Pharmacy Locator or call CVS Caremark at (866) 493-1640 to find a local network pharmacy. Call CVS Caremark for information about mail-order service.
Note:  CVS Caremark network pharmacies bill NYSIF directly, so claimants do not have to pay out-of-pocket for medication. Injured worker who have not received a CVS Caremark card, should call the NYSIF case manager handling their claim, and the employer can create a temporary card in the meanwhile.

How can I get the temporary card?

  1. Login in Keevily’s portal.
  2. Click on “Common Claim Forms”
  3. Download your Temporary Prescription Card.