Update: The NYSIF is extending this relief through September.

To help policyholders recover from the COVID-19 business shutdown, NYSIF is waiving interest on audit balances through August 31, 2021.

Waving interest over the next year is the next phase of NYSIF’s COVID-19 Financial Relief Program. While we resumed our routine billing and cancellation procedures with your September bill, our relief program has gone well beyond the industry standard that suppressed cancellations for 60 days.

Our temporary suspension of policy cancellations due to COVID-19 ended on August 31, 2020. But we are still urging policyholders who experienced any changes in payroll between mid-March and the end of August to let us know so we can adjust your premium accordingly. Please go to Get Policy Help at nysif.com to find the policy representative dedicated to working on your behalf.

If you experience ongoing financial difficulties, please reach out to us and together we’ll work on a plan to help you avoid cancellation.

Keevily Team