Virtual Hearings are now available statewide

Governor Cuomo has temporarily closed some Workers Compensation Boardhearing points, ho wever hearings will continue to be held remotely by using the Board’s Virtual Hearing service.  

To learn more please visit 

If you have an upcoming testimony and need assistance setting up your virtual hearing please contact you Keevily Claim’s team

Virtual Hearings allow you and other participants to attend hearings online. Participants will no longer have to travel to a hearing site to attend their hearing. Virtual hearings are available at all Board locations.
Most Workers’ Compensation claims may be attended virtually. Detailed instructions are included in your hearing notice.

A Virtual Hearing (WCB VHC) mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices! Donwload it now!


Test Your  Computer or  Mobile Device
Meet All System  Requirements
Disable/Delay  Sleep Standby  Mode
Screen Must Stay On!
Be sure to test your system at least 48 hours  prior to your hearing.
Call your Keevily team if you have any questions 1-800-523-5516