NYSIF Safety Group Electronic OSHA Filing Q & A

  1. When determining number of employees what type of employees so I include?

All employees in at your establishment need to be included, for example all part time, seasonal, clerical, principles, etc. 

  1. I have 20-249 employees and I am in construction, do I need to electronically file with OSHA?

Yes, all construction NAICS codes are included in the high-risk industry list.  View high risk industry list  (NAICS code 23 Construction includes all codes that start with 23). 

  1. I have 20-249 employees but I am NOT in construction, do I need to electronically file with OSHA?

Manufacturing, utilities, department stores, general merchandise stores, general freight trucking, warehouse and storage and waste management services are considered high risk industries and are required to file electronicallly.  A complete list of OSHA’s high risk industries can be found on this link: high risk industry list

  1. How do I find my naics code

Use NAICS Keyword Search and enter keywords that describe your operation. 

  1. If I have less than 20 employees do any of the OSHA recordkeeping rules apply?

Yes, all employers are required to report serious injuries by contact OSHA within 8 hours of a work related fatality and within 24 hours of a work related in-patient hospitalization, amputation or loss of eye.  You may also be required to keep OSHA logs if you have over 10 employees and you are not on the partially exempt list.  Watch this OSHA 15 minute video to learn more about how to maintain your OSHA logs. 

  1. If I file electronically do I need to keep OSHA logs?

Yes.  Watch this OSHA 15 minute video to learn more. 

  1. What year data is being electronically filed by 12/1/2018?

You will be filing your 2017 data

  1. When will the 2017 data be due?

2017 data will be due no later than 7/1/18.  Be sure to file early!

  1. If an employee in my establishment is a contractor’s employee, must I record an injury or illness occurring to that employee?

If the contractor’s employee is under the day-to-day supervision of the contractor, the contractor is responsible for recording the injury or illness. If you supervise the contractor employee’s work on a day-to-day basis, you must record the injury or illness.

  1. Must the personnel supply service, temporary help service, employee leasing service, or contractor also record the injuries or illnesses occurring to temporary, leased or contract employees that I supervise on a day-to-day basis?

No, you and the temporary help service, employee leasing service, personnel supply service, or contractor should coordinate your efforts to make sure that each injury and illness is recorded only once: either on your OSHA 300 Log (if you provide day-to-day supervision) or on the other employer’s OSHA 300 Log (if that company provides day-to-day supervision).

  1. If I had no losses do I still need to electronically file?

Yes if you fall into the requirement you must still file “0” losses

Additional OSHA electronically filing questions

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