Rating Values Effective October 1, 2018

The New York State Department of Financial Services recently approved the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board’s (NYCIRB) request for an 11.7% decrease in the overall average loss costs levels effective October 1, 2018.  On July 30, 2018, NYCIRB released the loss costs for each individual classification.  The percentage change varies by class code.

CODEDESCRIPTIONNYSIF Manual Rate Effective 10/01/18NYSIF Manual Rate Effective 10/01/17Percentage Change 10/01/18 vs 10/01/17
 GROUP 455   
3726Boiler Installation/Service/ Repair13.9420.17-30.89%
5183Plumbing NOC9.8910.36-4.54%
5188Sprinkler Systems8.769.77-10.34%
5193Oil/Gas Burner Installation, Service, Repair12.5614.90-15.70%
5536HVAC Systems Installation incl ductwork9.5311.43-16.62%
5538Sheet Metal Work – Erection10.4013.40-22.39%
8111Plumbing Supply Dealer5.506.64-17.17%
8350Fuel Oil Dealer12.1215.09-19.68%
 GROUP 489   
5190Electrical Wiring w/i buildings7.208.34-13.67%
5191Alarm/Network/Telephone Wiring – low voltage1.962.13-7.98%
5160Elevator Installation & Service6.717.42-9.57%
3724Electrical Apparatus Installation6.967.98-12.78%
3737Electrical Apparatus Service & Repair6.727.00-4.00%
3064Sign Manufacturing – Metal10.0711.65-13.56%
4112Incandescent Lamp Mfg.2.723.51-22.51%
3643Electrical Power/Transmission Equipment Mfg3.574.13-13.56%
7536Cable Installation & Drivers / Conduit & drivers10.6311.79-9.84%
7538Electrical Light & Power Line Construction5.498.01-31.46%
7539Electrical Light & Power Company2.102.68-21.64%
7600Telephone Company & Drivers9.6110.20-5.78%
7998Hardware Stores – Retail – Electrical3.624.90-26.12%
7999Hardware Stores – Wholesale – Electrical3.073.09-0.65%
8901Telephone Company – office or exchange employees0.130.20-35.00%
8017Electrical Dealers – Retail1.972.29-13.97%
8018Electrical Dealers – Wholesale4.915.72-14.16%
9519Appliance Installation & Repair6.037.01-13.98%
9549Advertising – Outdoor4.454.78-6.90%
 GROUP 309   
4239Paper Mfg (with recycled paper/board)4.455.64-21.10%
7590Garbage Works – Reduction/Incineration7.207.071.84%
8103Clippings Dealer/Wiping Cloth Dealer & Drivers7.247.95-8.93%
8263Junk Dealer / Salvage Operations & Drivers12.3813.13-5.71%
8264Recycling Operations – Paper stock, bottle, rag, rubber – 2nd Hand Dealers & Drivers8.7410.48-16.60%
8265Iron or Scrap Dealer & Drivers13.3914.86-9.89%
9403Garbage/Refuse Removal including Drivers16.9219.00-10.95%
8018Wholesale Stores NOC – 2nd Hand Clothing Dealers4.915.72-14.16%
 GROUP 82   
2362Knit Goods Manufacturing3.003.54-15.25%
2388Embroidery Manufacturing4.175.36-22.20%
2501Clothing Manufacturing1.181.180.00%
2503Dressmaking or Tailoring Custom1.441.55-7.10%
2553Furnishing Goods Manufacturing3.804.42-14.03%
2688Leather Goods Manufacturing2.172.54-14.57%
2689Pocket Book Manufacturing1.371.60-14.38%
8032Wearing Apparel Stores – Wholesale1.371.41-2.84%
8747Showroom Salespersons0.230.29-20.69%
 GROUP 588   
7197Parcel/Package Delivery12.1413.42-9.54%
7219Trucking NOC14.6116.97-13.91%
7231Messengers NOC11.8713.84-14.23%
8292Storage Warehouse – General6.457.59-15.02%
8293Storage Warehouse – Furniture13.7516.10-14.60%

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