Your W/C Responsibilities as an Employer

When an employee has a workers compensation injury you need to take action.

Communication – stay in touch with your employees while they are out of work to obtain updates and encourage the injured worker to return to work as soon as possible. Request Out of Work slips for all lost time periods.

Report immediately – filing claims timely allows Carriers to investigate claim and avoids penalties. File claims through SIF’s electronic reporting system.  Click here to report an Injury

Work with us – help with the investigation, notify us immediately of change in work status, complete payroll requests timely and forward us any medical bills your employee may receive to All forms can be found in the Keevily Portal. Click here to access

Consider early return to work. N ot only are lost-time days reduced, but studies show medical costs are also reduced as well. Premiums are loss sensitive, using this cost reducing tool could pay off in the future. Early return to work Reduce Claim Costs up to 70%


You may be required to record the incident on your OSHA recordkeeping log within 7 days of the accident/illness if you have 11 or more employees.

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Compliance Date to Remember: 2/1/2018
2017 OSHA 300a (annual summary) must be posted for those employer who are required to maintain OSHA logs. Click here to learn more about OSHA logs .

Compliance Date to Remember: 7/1/2018
7/1/18 is the  deadline for reporting 2017 OSHA recordkeeping data electronically for many Keevily Safety Group employers with 20 or more employees per establishment. Click here for Q&A

ALL employers must follow the Fatality or Severe Injury OSHA rule for fatalities, in patient hospitalizations, amputations and loss of eye cases.

Employee’s Responsibilities

  • Seek medical treatment, as needed.
  • Promptly report ALL job-related accidents, illnesses or near miss situations to your supervisor immediately or as soon as you have knowledge in the case of any illness.
  • Follow with your physician treatment plan.
  • Provide a physician’s out of work note for all periods of absences.
  • Attend Independent Medical Examinations.
  • Go back to work as soon as you are able.

Send all medical notes/bills to:
Keevily Spero Whitelaw