Considering First Aid? – Things to know:

Considering First Aid?

Thinks to know:

Employers have the option to pay for the medical treatment out of pocket if the employee did not lose time from work beyond the work day on which the accident occurred and/or received no more than 2 medical treatments. The injury should not result in permanency (example facial scars, ligament or tendon injuries).

  • First aid is not intended for neck, back, hip and joint injuries. Example of first aid claims includes lacerations, foreign body in the eye, nail bed injuries, etc.
  • If a claim is questionable do not pay it as first aid.
  • If the claim goes beyond first aid you must advise us immediately.
  • Employers are required to keep a record of all injuries, including first aid, for 18 years. Please complete first aid form and forward to our office for documentation purposes only.
  • Advise medical provider to bill you directly.
  • Medical bills should be forwarded to our office to determine the amount under the Medical Fee Schedule which you are responsible to pay.

Call our office to discuss case if you are not sure it qualifies 1-800-523-5516