Filing NYSIF Work Comp Claims – Things to know:

Claims must be filed within 10 days of injury

WCL Section 110(4), the Board may impose a penalty up to $2,500 against an employer who repeatedly refuses or neglects to file First Report of Injury.

Filing NYSIF Work Comp Claims

  1. Go to\reportinjury
  2. Click filing a timely first report of injury using NYSIF eFROI®
  • The electronic first report of injury report (eFroi) is a legal document and YOUR statement regarding the alleged accident. Do not let the injured worker complete form on your behalf.
  • We suggest you phrase accident details with “injured worker alleges….” Or “injured worker claims…..”.
  • If the accident occurred on a construction OCIP/CCIP job the claim would be reported to the OCIP/CCIP Carrier not NYSIF.
  • Provide copy of Claimant Packet to the injured worker upon filing the claim.
  • Once the eFroi is submitted it will get routed to us and NYSIF for handling. Please forward any supporting documents to