Your Responsibilities as an Employer

Reporting Injury and Illness

When a workplace injury or illness occurs, employers are required under Section 110 of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law to report the incident to State Insurance Fund in a timely manner. Benefits of reporting cases immediately :

  • Allows the injured worker to receive treatment and benefits promptly,
  • Allows carrier ample time to investigate claim,
  • Has been shown to reduce the costs of a claim,
  • Avoid penalties for late filing,
  • Helps the insurer monitor and administer the claim, and
  • Ultimately leads to the injured worker returning to work faster.

How soon must employers report a workplace injury or illness?

  Employers should notify their insurer immediately if the injury or illness:

  • Caused (or will cause) the worker to lose time from regular duties beyond the working day or shift on which the injury occurred.
  • Required (or will require) the worker to receive medical treatment beyond ordinary first aid, or more than two minor medical treatments.

State Insurance Fund must file paperwork accepting or denying the claim on or before the 18th day after the workplace injury or illness occurred, or within 10 days after the employer learns of the event — whichever period is greater.

How do employers report a workplace injury or illness?

An online system has been implemented by the NYS Workers Compensation Board to process claims with more speed and efficiency. Faster resolution helps lower claim costs. This process starts with you, the employer, filing a new claim Electronic First Report of Injury (EFROI) with NYSIF.

Is there a penalty for untimely reporting?

  YES. Employers should notify State Insurance Fund immediately of a workplace injury or illness as penalties of up to $2,500 for late or missing reports are possible.

Can employers challenge a claim?

  YES. Add all facts and concerns to the additional info section in the Electronic First Report Of Injury. Cases are transmitted to Keevily and NYSIF at which point we will begin to manage the issues .

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