What Can You Do to Stop Fraud?

An employer is the first line of defense.  Fraud prevention should be an important function of your accident investigations process.  Below are some steps that can be added to your accident investigation to assist in preventing fraud:


§ Immediately following an accident or incident complete a full accident investigation.


§ Take statements from all witnesses.


§ Have the injured worker give a written statement in his/her own words, and include the “fraud warning language” on the statement form they sign. (see sample forms is located at the end of this document)


§ Keep disposable cameras available for supervisors.  Photos can be very helpful for subrogation issues, safety committee meetings and the carrier’s investigations.


If any type of fraud is suspected then immediately report it to the Division of Confidential Investigations:


Albany    (518) 437-8083
Buffalo   (716) 851-2111
Endicott   (607) 741-3997
Nassua &Suffolk   (631) 756-4006
New York City   (212) 312-7302
Rochester  (585) 258-2023
Syracuse  (315) 453-6651
White Plains  (914) 997-4905


Fraud can also be reported on-line by accessing the State Insurance Fund’s web site at www.NYSIF.com or by contacting us at (914)381-5511.

Why Should You care?

Every dollar paid out because of insurance fraud must be made up by a dollar in additional premium. Increases in workers’ compensation premiums are passed on by companies in higher prices for goods and services. Additionally, the hidden costs of fraud discourage businesses from giving raises, hiring or expanding, and force some companies out of the state and others out of business.

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